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Content marketing comes in many shapes and forms, writing blog posts or articles for your business website is one of these techniques.

In its simplest form, the only cost to you is your time, but the benefits to your business are huge.

Blogging showcases your product expertise

The more visible and active you are in your business space and community, the more people will come to identify you as an expert in that field or area.

This can relate to any product, from a bed and breakfast (do you specialise in zero waste practice or grow your own food) to a company that deals in waste management (is there an interesting process involved in handling waste safely that you can share with clients).

Blog content can be easily shared

Publishing blogs or articles on your website also creates an opportunity to share this content on your social media channels. It’s a great way to populate your social media accounts and make them look active and healthy.

It also enables customers to share your content making it visible to other people (potential customers) in their network.

It can also drive traffic through to your website and potentially result in conversions (bookings, purchases, sign-ups, for example).

Blogging creates engagement

Carrying on from above, blogging and sharing it on your social media channels keeps your existing audience actively engaged with your product.

If you are not consistent in your content marketing, the audience you have built will lose interest and forget about you.

Whether you blog, post regularly on Facebook, or share product photos on Instagram, this needs to done consistently and on a regular basis to maintain an actively engaged audience.


Google loves unique content

Search engines are constantly crawling the web and generating results within microseconds for user search queries.

There is an art to search engine optimisation, and that is another blog post for another time, but one of the criterias that Google (and other search engines) adores is unique content.

In fact, Google penalises duplicated content, so think twice before you copy and paste. A little effort to add your own unique voice to a piece of written content will go a long way in Google’s eyes.

Another advantage of blogging with regards to Google is the use of keywords in your blog posts. This can attract new customers that you weren’t even actively marketing to through search results.

We recommend taking a look at Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool (it’s free) to get inspiration for words that are in demand when it comes to search queries related to your product offering.

It’s important to include keywords in your blog post to make it discoverable through search, but also be careful not to overload your articles with keywords as Google penalises this too (see why we say it’s a bit of an art form?).

It comes down to time

Content marketing is for the most part free and easily accomplished, but if you are a busy business owner, finding the time to sit down and produce a blog post can be challenging.

So in those circumstances, it might pay to hire a content expert to produce the content for your business and promote it on your behalf.

West Coast Digital can help with all your content marketing needs.