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Choosing the right social media channels for your business

The thought process that goes into selecting the right channels to feature on.

Before you decide to launch your company’s brand presence on every social media channel known to man (and there are quite a few of them), it pays to have a plan in place and to truly reflect on your brand goals, vision, and approach.

The best advice we can give you is to choose your social media channels carefully and limit them to a maximum of four if possible, as a social media presence does require consistent posting, community engagement, and strategic content planning behind it.

Understanding your brand strategy and company objectives will help you to select the right social media channels to promote your product.

What channels will work best for your company?

Is your company more corporate in its approach and overall tone? If so, LinkedIn and Facebook might be the best channels to be present on. What will be a good brand fit?

If your brand more youth-orientated and vibrant? In that case, consider Tik Tok or Instagram as your channels of choice.

Every social media channel has its own environmental conditions and parameters, so you do need to understand how each of them “behaves” in order to utilise the channel effectively.

Content buckets

Now that you have chosen the channels most suited to your company’s brand, it’s time to think about the type of content you might post on each channel.

There is a wide range of content buckets you can develop, but below are a few examples we have used consistently over the years:

  • User-generated content.
  • Throwback Thursdays.
  • Reviews.
  • Company news or milestones.
  • Staff profiles.
  • Finish the sentence posts.
  • Warm fuzzies / feel-good posts.

Pay attention to mention of tone and language when it comes to writing copy for your posts.
Are there video or image guidelines that it would be worth reflecting in your social media material?

Measure and learn

Source tools to help you schedule social media posts, for example:

Measure the success of your content buckets. If one isn’t performing well, reallocate that resource and time elsewhere.

Deactivate accounts that underperform compared to others, but keep in mind any implications across other channels (do you promote that account in any print collateral, for example?)