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Today’s guest blog is written by Shannon from Culture Gems

If you’ve chosen the right social media platforms for your business, and now you want to interact with your audience – we’ve got some tips for you to get started and keep them coming back for more. 

Spark conversation with your content

Encourage your followers to comment and engage with your posts by asking them questions. Don’t just talk to your audience, talk with them. Address them directly and use personal pronouns like ‘you’ and ‘we’ for a more humanised approach. Try out one of our conversation starters: 

Which new item are you most excited for? 
What do you think about our new products? 
We’d love to hear your thoughts, tell us in the comments below. 
Alternatively, you can create a poll and get people to vote for their favourite option – this works as simple market research too! 

Keep the conversation flowing

You’re reeling in comments now, so what better way to be interactive than to like, react and respond to comments. If your content generates questions, answer those questions too. When you receive private messages, set aside some time to reply to them. Let your audience know you’re there for them and willing to make their customer experience the very best. 

Run regular giveaways and promotions

Celebrate special occasions or business milestones by running social media promotions and giving back to your loyal customers. Make an entry requirement to include a call to action that will enhance your social media presence, such as asking your audience to: 

  • Tag a friend.
  • Follow your page.
  • Answer a question.
  • Or complete a specific task; ie. submit a photo.

User-generated content can also be the key to a successful giveaway campaign. Ask your audience to submit photos and then you can share the entries and engage with your online community. 

Be reactive in the moment

Digital media is unique in that you can be agile – you can quickly make amendments and update messages in a timely fashion. Keep an eye on how your posts are performing and monitor your comments as they roll in. You will be able to gauge your audience’s sentiment and they may just help you out and let you know about a silly typo that can be easily fixed. 

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