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If you are in need of engaging video content to catch the eyes of customers in their social newsfeeds, you don’t need to invest in videographers and directors to achieve this (although we are not saying that professionals do not have their advantages, especially for campaigns).

There are free, user-friendly resources available for you to use on both your desktop and phone that will help you create engaging videos for your business that will stop those thumbs from scrolling past you in the newsfeed.



Quik is an amazing app owned by GoPro that allows you to stitch together different video clips quite easily on your phone.

It will automatically put together music, effects and transitions for your clips, but you still have the option to change each clip’s duration, crop, edit music, add in transitions of your own.

You can download the final video onto your phone or publish your video straight to social media, and no need to worry about music licencing, this is covered.

Below are a few examples of videos I’ve produced using the Quik app that I’ve gone on to share on social media.

Resolve Da Vinci

If you need something a bit more sophisticated when it comes to editing video pieces, there are free desktop platforms out there.

I’ve been using the free version of Resolve Da Vinci to edit more sophisticated videos together for use on social media and for my Skillshare courses.

A bit more working knowledge of video editing software is required to use it, but there are tutorials available online to assist.


With the above editing software, you might need some music for your videos.

Bensound has been a good resource for me over the years and I’ve purchased several songs from them for my videos.

You can use some of the songs for free, but the requirement is that you include a credit with your video wherever you end up publishing it.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok has exploded more than ever during COVID-19 lockdown. It’s a seriously addictive, short-form video platform that is very easy to upload video content onto.

Make use of text options, GIFS, music clips, timers, and hashtags to make your video content discoverable on this growing social media platform.

Tik Tok also gives you the option to save your video locally on your phone.

So there you have it, three free to use platforms to help you create video content for social media.

Things to consider when making your videos

  • The objective of the video, are you highlighting a product or brand story?
  • Are you shooting in landscape or portrait (different social media channels use either options, so best to edit to cater to both)?
  • Shots/Frames: What images do you want to capture and using what shots? I recommend looking at this Tik Tok account by @zonno.sann for inspiration around different angles and shots you can use in a video (using your smartphone).

If you still think you need a guiding hand when producing video content for your social media channels, West Coast Digital New Zealand offers video filming and editing services.